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Dissatisfied with your job and confused about how to get started finding something else? Confused by employment documents and unsure of which approach to take in updating them? Are you looking for a clear roadmap that defines which steps need to be taken in order to find your passion and purpose in life?


You are not alone…and that roadmap for this important journey is right here.


Career Roadmap is a resource for individuals who want to make a shift from their current job to another more fulfilling position. The audience for this book is likely a more mature or seasoned employee who feels compelled to make a dramatic change and who is willing to do the work that is required to make the change they desire. This book can also be used by anyone who is seeking a job and will help in determining interests, personal branding, understanding the job search and preparing for successfully navigating the search process.


Written through the lens of an individual who has had many jobs, worked for herself as well as for others, and who has taught employability skills on the college level, this book focuses on helping you finding out about yourself and your interests and then using that information to develop your personal brand to successfully find a career and purpose.

Career Roadmap: Setting Yourself Up to Reach Your Career Aspirations

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