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Amazon Bestseller

Career Roadmap

I decided to write Career Roadmap - Setting Yourself Up to Reach Your Career Aspirations, after moving from Ohio to North Carolina and realizing that the way in which I and many others were using to obtain jobs was lacking. The idea of finding a way to differentiate yourself from other job seekers seemed a much more logical way to go about finding another opportunity. In order to be able to adequately distinguish yourself you have to first know yourself and what you can offer and you also need to be able to communicate your message to the hiring manager. In the midst of the turmoil I began teaching Employability Skills and writing/updating curriculum for the same courses at a community college. Through personal experience I’m convinced that personal branding and clear communication of your past experiences are the key to success. It is through this book that I hope to make the search for a career that brings personal satisfaction much easier. I want to help others to find fulfillment in their career and ultimately in their lives.

Career Roadmap

“Dr. Greta Oliver has delivered again! Career Roadmap is a resource that college students and young professionals can use as they navigate: career exploration, being a job seeker, and changing career paths. She shares stories and vulnerable career moments that made me feel seen, a reminder that we are never alone in our career journey, anxiety, or failures. I see this as a book that folks can keep coming back to as they navigate the rapidly changing working world. Cheers to Dr. O for sharing more of her wisdom and knowledge with us!”

Ashlea Hitchcock-Francis

Founder of THE SQUEEZE

“This book is an authentic example of the real world career or job market. It doesn’t make the process of finding a job fluffy and unrealistic. The knowledge in this book will truly prepare the readers for their field of choice. Dr. O asks questions such as “do you need additional training?” This gives job seekers a real and mature assessment of their skills. The Career Roadmap allows readers to look at themselves in a reflective way, so that they can take the necessary steps towards improvement as they search for job opportunities that are meaningful to them….”

Tameka Ellington, Ph.D. 

Author, Empowerment Speaker and CEO of Dr. Tameka Ellington Enterprises

"Career Roadmap is an important book that will help many people not only find a way out of an unsatisfying work environment but also help them find a path forward that better utilizes their unique strengths and capabilities. As a senior executive who has worked with too many people in too many companies who come to work each day with a sense of dread or being at a dead end, this book provides not only a way out but a path forward to a more satisfying career. Dr. Oliver doesn't promise magic. You have to do the work. But she provides a concrete, step by step process to help put you on the path to a better and more rewarding life."

Charlie Lehmann

Marketing Consultant and SCORE Mentor


Amazon Bestseller

College Roadmap

I decided to write my book, College Roadmap: Essential Tips For First-Time College Students and Their Families, after seeing many family members and friends struggling through the process of searching for a college for their teenagers. I’ve also fielded many late-night phone calls from frantic friends who are late in the decision making process who’ve suddenly remembered that this is an area that I have experience in. I’ve also worked for many years with and on behalf of students so I embarked upon this endeavor to help make the college search and future of students enrolled in college easier and more beneficial. This topic is important to me and I want to help others as much as I can.

College Roadmap

"Greta Oliver’s roadmap to the many steps of college success should be required reading for anyone planning to attend and to succeed in college. Think of it as a portable mini-encyclopedia of facts and advice at each step of the way in navigating a complex journey--all from an expert in both the academic and administrative crossroads in higher education. We worked together for years and spent hours untangling knots in the process for students and their families. I see those years culminating in this expert guidebook that I highly recommend.”


Dr. Florence Clark Riffe

Retired Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs and Services Scripps College of Communication

Ohio University

“I, as a first-generation college attendee, would have benefited greatly from this valuable resource. It will be extremely helpful for students and families navigating the college application, admission process. I wish that I had access to such a resource when I was beginning my journey.”


Dr. Carolyn Jefferson-Jenkins

Adjunct Assistant Professor, School of Education University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“This brief book is loaded with wisdom and important reflections about navigating the process of college admissions. The guidance offered is worthwhile for future college students and their parents. These tips are practical, thoughtful and contain information that I wish I had when my daughters applied to college. Reading this book might help families avoid making errors in applying to and selecting a college. This book helps parents envision how to really be helpful to their children in making an important life decision about where and how to go to college.”


Dr. Ron Strauss

Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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