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Embark on a transformative journey to effective leadership with "Leadership Roadmap: Discover Your Power to Influence the World." This easy-to-follow guide allows for you to examine various leadership styles, providing distinct paths to help you develop and hone your skills.


Discover tips on how to determine your leadership skills to become a more effective and intentional leader. Beyond discussing leadership styles, Leadership Roadmap explores crucial topics such as:

  • The significance of emotional intelligence in effective leadership.

  • Building strong relationships with team members.

  • Ensuring effective communication between the leader and the team.

  • How to develop your team by using their strengths individually and collectively.

  • Developing self-awareness in leadership.

  • Seeking mentorship and coaching in leadership development.

  • The importance of continuous learning and development in leadership.

  • The role of ethical leadership in effective leadership development.


Inside these pages, explore:

  • Practical tips from experienced leaders (Leader Spotlights), offering valuable insights to accelerate your growth.

  • Tactics to help new leaders stay focused, prioritize effectively, and build strong teams.

  • Assessments to uncover your leadership acumen.


This book serves as a strategic map, unveiling destinations of effective communication, relationship-building, and impactful leadership. Chart your course toward becoming a more influential and accomplished leader with the insights woven into every page of this indispensable roadmap.


"Leadership Roadmap" is designed for individuals eager to learn more about leadership and who are willing to work on developing their own skills and strategies for success. It's also an excellent resource for introductory leadership classes at the college level.


Dr. Greta Oliver, a professional coach with over 30 years of experience in teaching, training, and coaching, brings not only her professional expertise but also her personal journey to guide individuals in transition within education, career, and leadership development. From initial discovery to a clear understanding and realization of their overarching goals, Dr. Oliver offers comprehensive support and insights through her “Roadmap” series books.

Leadership Roadmap: Discover Your Power to Influence the World

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