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Book Excerpt: What’s next in higher education?

Good question. We can only guess at an answer. Since March 2020 the US has been experiencing many changes in higher education as colleges opened up across the country only to shut down in many cases. First-time college-going students, as well as seasoned students, have been faced with many changes this past year and there seems to be no end in sight. My advice to you as a seasoned student is to continue classes virtually for as long as you must until the pandemic is under control. You don’t have to lose ground in your pursuit of higher education. Use this time to take courses online and continue to put forth your best effort. When taking classes online, continue to establish yourself as a serious and solid student. Make sure to study and take your assignments seriously. Don’t become distracted because you are not in the traditional classroom. Use your time wisely and make the best of this time in your life.

For first-year students. While you may be disappointed by not having a traditional college-going experience and transition, don’t be dismayed. It is important that you focus on how you can make the best of this time. Concentrate on what you have rather than what you do not. You have an opportunity to ease into your first year without all the pressure of being away from home. If you are involved in online courses, put forth your best effort. Allow yourself time to successfully complete your studies even if you aren’t on campus. Even if you are not on campus you are still in college. Many people are counting on you. Make them and yourselves proud! Be flexible and adaptable. A good attitude goes a long way in finding contentment in your life and reaching your dreams.

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