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Higher Education Thoughts - Day 1

I’m writing these tips because as some of you know I have recently written a book about higher education. I also have many years experience as a higher education administrator and adjunct professor at three different institutions and years of experience as an educator. That said, In this current climate, you could not pay me to send my child to a residential college campus. I don’t believe that the correct measures have been taken to ensure safety for students on this scale or are able to be taken. Hence these tips.

TIP 1:

I would encourage any parent of a first-time college student to find out which courses are available online at the institution your student has chosen. I would have my student take advantage of online options only. Additionally, as a cost saving measure, I would ask/force/whatever adjective you want to fill in... my child to take general education courses or other suitable courses at a community college—but make sure the class credits are TRANSFERABLE in advance of your child taking them. I completely understand that you want your student to have a “traditional college going experience” but use wisdom and protect YOUR child at all costs!!

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