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Higher Education Thoughts: How can my book help?

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

It is said that college is not for everyone, but for those students who want to attend but perhaps might not know how to go about it, reading my book, College Roadmap: Essential Tips For First-Time College Going Students and Their Families, is perfect for helping first-time students who are starting the college search process in finding a school that fits, thriving at their school and ultimately obtaining a degree.

The book is divided into three parts, before the search, during the wait, and after acceptance and provides step-by-step tips for successful navigation of every facet of the college-going process from start to finish. The book also includes working pages that are associated with important aspects of student success such as time management, college visits, personal budgeting and so much more.

The audiences for whom this book will be most useful are students, parents/families, school counselors, administrators of pipeline programs, administrators of first-year programs, college student advisors and all other advocates for students.

As with any book dealing with the college search, it is important to get this valuable information into the hands of the students as soon as possible. This book can be used by the student and their family members from before beginning the search until graduation.

Studies show that there are a few main reasons why students are not successful in college. In general some of the most common reasons include: lack of fit, insufficient finances, immaturity, illness, and lack of academic preparedness. This book addresses all of these issues and more and is written through the lens of a young girl who finds herself alone on a college campus far from home with no idea of who to go to for help, through the lens of a first-generation college student who was the first from her family to go to college, from the standpoint of a parent who wanted the best for her student(s) and from the standpoint of a college administrator and student development and higher educator professional who has both personal and professional insight into these issues.

To allow first-time students to prepare fully for the college going experience, this book is a must. To help families prepare their students for college this book is a must. For the student who is determined to be the first in their family to obtain a degree this book is a must. This is the book that I wish I had read before I started my educational journey many years ago. The information in this book can change the trajectory of your life and help you successfully make the leap from prospective student to university alumni. It’s coming this summer! Stay tuned for more information of the launch date and how you can get your copy!

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