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EDUCATEU - EPISODE 3 - Getting on the Road

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Preparing for a journey whether going on a family vacation or starting the journey to college for your college-bound teen has many similarities. This episode points out several similarities between taking family trips and getting on the road to higher education such as the need for determining who is going on the trip, advance planning and preparation, determining accommodations and attractions, need for fees and down payments to secure the necessities of the trip, use of guidebooks, catalogs, brochures and internet research to check out the destination ahead of time.

Family members and supporters of prospective students are given tips to make sure that the preparations are made in a timely and logical manner and are alerted to the fact that organization is the key to a less stressful journey.

Viewers were encouraged to ask the questions, provide comments and any suggestions they may have and given information as to how and where to follow up.

HOST: Dr. Greta Oliver - a former high school teacher, and higher education administrator with 30+ years of expertise is the author of the best-selling book, College Roadmap: Essential Tips for First-time College Students and Their Families

ART DIRECTOR/VIDEO DESIGNER: Terence Oliver, Brittany Annis


LOGO DESIGN - Brittany Annis

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