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EDUCATEU - EPISODE 2 - The Why of College

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Finding Your Teen’s Why

This episode describes the importance of having a candid and honest conversation with your teen about their intentions regarding the pursuit of higher education. Answers to this question will determine whether you will need to embark on the journey to higher education or take another path. Other tips are given to the family member about allowing the prospective college student to find their own way as far as finding a major and choosing a college are concerned. Parents/family members are reminded that their students need to be in charge of the college search process and working alongside their supporters. This episode may be thought of as the most important, although all episodes contain useful tips and strategies, because it determines the path that will be taken between family members and whether the path to higher education will be taken or if another will be taken instead.

Viewers were encouraged to ask the questions, provide comments and any suggestions they may have and given information as to how and where to follow up.

HOST: Dr. Greta Oliver - a former high school teacher, and higher education administrator with 30+ years of expertise is the author of the best-selling book, College Roadmap: Essential Tips for First-time College Students and Their Families

ART DIRECTOR/VIDEO DESIGNER: Terence Oliver, Brittany Annis


LOGO DESIGN - Brittany Annis

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