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EDUCATEU - Episode 12 - The Competitiveness of College and Introduction to Financial Aid

Guest, Rhonda Manns McRae joins us on today's episode to give us vital information about the competitiveness of college and an introduction to financial aid. She provides information regarding the number of schools to apply to, and how important it is for parents to share the amount that they will be able to contribute toward college costs to students in advance of the search. Rhonda also provides tips for parents as well as students regarding ways in which to make better informed decisions about college.

HOST: Dr. Greta Oliver - a former high school teacher, and higher education administrator with 30+ years of expertise is the author of the best-selling book, College Roadmap: Essential Tips for First-time College Students and Their Families

GUEST: Rhonda Manns McRae

ART DIRECTOR/VIDEO DESIGNER: Terence Oliver, Brittany Annis

SOUND/AUDIO MIXER: Darrel Greene  

LOGO DESIGN - Brittany Annis

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