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I'm Dr. Oliver

Professional Coach with

20+ Years of Professional Experience.

Dr. Greta Thomas Oliver, a professional coach specializing in student development is devoted to helping students as well as adults in transition. As evidenced by her over 20 years of experience working with and on the behalf of students and her experience as a corporate training specialist, higher education administrator and adjunct educator she adds her knowledge and ability to those who need to transition from high school to higher education and those who need help in career transition.


what we do

Greta Oliver Consulting provides consulting and training courses to those facing a transition in education and career. Our services include offering classes related to all aspects of the college search for those interested in pursuing a higher education. For those in career transition, courses are also available to the unemployed, underemployed or working adult, that include job and career search strategies as well as many more exciting offerings. Courses are available at your facility or home.

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the book

I decided to write my book, College Roadmap: Essential Tips For First-Time College Students and Their Families, after seeing many family members and friends struggling through the process of searching for a college for their teenagers. I’ve also fielded many late-night phone calls from frantic friends who are late in the decision making process who’ve suddenly remembered that this is an area that I have experience in. I’ve also worked for many years with and on behalf of students so I embarked upon this endeavor to help make the college search and future of students enrolled in college easier and more beneficial. This topic is important to me and I want to help others as much as I can.



"Greta Oliver’s roadmap to the many steps of college success should be required reading for anyone planning to attend and to succeed in college. Think of it as a portable mini-encyclopedia of facts and advice at each step of the way in navigating a complex journey--all from an expert in both the academic and administrative crossroads in higher education. We worked together for years and spent hours untangling knots in the process for students and their families. I see those years culminating in this expert guidebook that I highly recommend.”


Dr. Florence Clark Riffe

Retired Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs and Services Scripps College of Communication

Ohio University


“I, as a first-generation college attendee, would have benefited greatly from this valuable resource. It will be extremely helpful for students and families navigating the college application, admission process. I wish that I had access to such a resource when I was beginning my journey.”


Dr. Carolyn Jefferson-Jenkins

Adjunct Assistant Professor, School of Education University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


“I don’t think I exaggerate when I say reading this book is like hitting the mother lode. Dr. Oliver pulls back that institutionalized curtain that overshadows the many pathways to a successful higher education journey. It’s not a one-time read. Keep it on your shelf and refer to it throughout your college experience."

Dr. Lois Boynton

Associate Professor, UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


“Dr. Oliver’s book provides thoughtful and practical insights to guide both students and parents through the college matriculation process; from application to graduation. Students will find her tips to be helpful and easily applicable, regardless of the institution they choose to attend; and parents will find her advice helpful to invoke confidence and reassurance. This is an incredibly valuable resource!”


Dr. Erin Almond

Senior Manager, KIPP Through College Program


“This brief book is loaded with wisdom and important reflections about navigating the process of college admissions. The guidance offered is worthwhile for future college students and their parents. These tips are practical, thoughtful and contain information that I wish I had when my daughters applied to college. Reading this book might help families avoid making errors in applying to and selecting a college. This book helps parents envision how to really be helpful to their children in making an important life decision about where and how to go to college.”


Dr. Ron Strauss

Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


"For families who lack an understanding of how to navigate the college search and subsequent choice process, College Roadmap fills this important lack of knowledge base. Providing excellent insight presented in the form of personal stories, “to do” lists, and countless examples, this book is an excellent resource for any family who has students who aspire to higher education. In providing a good blueprint for the selection process College Roadmap can take a complex and sometimes insurmountable process, and present a “how to” in a way that anyone can understand and follow."


Dr. Brandon H. Common

Associate Vice President & Dean of Students Louisiana State University


Good question. We can only guess at an answer. Since March 2020 the US has been experiencing many changes in higher education as colleges opened up across the country only to shut down in many cases. First time college going students as well as seasoned students have been faced with many changes this year and there seems to be no end in sight. My advice to you as a higher education professional is that you plan to continue classes virtually for as long as you must until the pandemic is under control. You don’t have to lose ground in your pursuit of higher education. Use this time to take courses online and continue to put forth your best effort. When taking classes online, continue to establish yourself as a serious and solid student. Make sure to study and take your assignments seriously. Don’t become distracted because you are not in the traditional classroom. Use your time wisely and make the best of this time in your life.


For first-year students. While you may be disappointed by not having a traditional college-going experience and transition, don’t be dismayed. It is important that you focus on how you can make the best of this time. Concentrate on what you have rather than what you do not. You have an opportunity to ease into your first year without all the pressure of being away from home. If you are involved in online courses, put forth your best effort. Allow yourself time to successfully complete your studies even if you aren’t on campus. Even if you are not on campus you are still in college. Many people are counting on you. Make them and yourselves proud! Be flexible and adaptable. A good attitude goes a long way in finding contentment in your life.

What People Say

Dr. Oliver is as bright a spirit as there comes. Always one to lend a helping hand, she truly cares for her students and anyone that she comes into contact with. I met Dr. Oliver eight years ago and she is still in my corner today. As one of her former students I can honestly say that Dr. Oliver is very knowledgable and she maintains a level of genuineness and care that is very rare. She consistently goes the extra mile for her students and is always working to ensure a successful result. Dr. Oliver has been a major benefit and blessing in my life. I appreciate her. It's one thing to be intelligent but it is another to share your knowledge with the world, Dr. Oliver does the latter.

Chantay Jordan

Advertising Associate, CBS

New York, New York 

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