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Hi, I'm 
Dr. Oliver,

The Roadmap Coach

Professional Coach with

25+ Years of Professional Experience.

Dr. Greta Oliver is a professional coach specializing in student development, career development and leadership development devoted to helping those in transition. As evidenced by her years of experience working with and on behalf of students on every level and her experience as a corporate training specialist, higher education administrator and adjunct educator in the fields of education and human resource development, she adds her knowledge and ability to those who need to transition from high school to higher education, those in career transition and those interested in leadership development.

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I am the author of three books: College Roadmap - Essential Tips for First-Time College Students and Their Families, published in 2021, Career Roadmap - Setting Yourself Up to Reach Your Career Aspirations, published in 2023, and Leadership Roadmap: Discover Your Power to Influence the World, published in 2024.


Amazon Bestseller!


Amazon Bestseller!


Amazon Bestseller!

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what we do

Greta Oliver specializes in providing consulting and training in the following areas: Student Development, Career Coaching and Leadership Development. Consulting and training courses are available for those facing a transition in education and career. Our services include offering classes related to all aspects of the college search for those interested in pursuing a higher education. For those in career transition, courses are also available to the unemployed, underemployed or working adults, that include job and career search strategies as well as many more exciting offerings. Courses are available at your facility or home.

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