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EDUCATEU - Episode 27 - Personal Finances and Budgeting, Preparing for Success

On Episode 27 of EducateU, Brentley Wright will be discussing personal finances and budgeting for the college student. Having a working budget and an understanding of financial literacy is so vital for a college student and Brentley breaks down the important facts of why a budget is important, the danger of credit card use without proper training or advice, the need for financial literacy, and how having a financial plan helps while attending college. Brentley also discusses the economic responsibility of attending college and why understanding the business of college matters. #studentsuccess, #educateupodcast #financialliteracy

HOST: Dr. Greta Oliver - a former high school teacher, and higher education administrator with 30+ years of expertise is the author of the best-selling book, College Roadmap: Essential Tips for First-time College Students and Their Families


LOGO DESIGN - Brittany Annis

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