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Higher Education Thoughts: During the Pandemic

Back to school, back to school… this time with a plan. Many colleges and universities are planning to return to in-person classes in the fall semester if they have not already done so. The difference between the failed plans of 2020 and the proposed plans for 2021 was actually a failure to plan adequately.

Last year colleges and universities quickly invited students to campus for what they thought would be a regular college-going experience and found that it was anything but. Most students quickly found themselves back home. You can bet this coming Fall semester will be better outlined with contingency plans and plan B scenarios that are based on the scientific evidence to alleviate the mistakes of the past. Some of these plans will include requirements that students be vaccinated prior to arrival on campus, vaccination clinics on or near campus, stringent implementation of safety protocols such as masks, and social distancing, and continued sanitation, hand washing procedures for those who have not been vaccinated, and dissemination of information through dedicated university Covid-19 websites to all parties who are impacted.

All these efforts are being made to help to make the campus environment as safe as it can be for all of the everyone. TIP 1- Before returning to campus research which protocols are in place for the campus community to which you belong. You owe it to yourself to make sure that the environment is safe and that any issues that might arise will be handled properly. TIP 2- do your part and act responsibly to protect the entire community. TIP 3 - stay informed regarding what is going on in your community.


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